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WV Insight is designed to help you understand more about the people and places of Wolverhampton. The website reduces duplication of resources, brings together and shares information from different organisations and will reduce user time in tracking down and making sense of data.
The data is from different sources. Much of it, such as the Child Poverty data, is direct from departments of central government, but there is some local data either from City of Wolverhampton Council or from other agencies such as West Midlands Fire Service. Within each page of the dashboard, the source of its data is listed, and there is a hyperlink to the webpage where it comes from so you can explore further.
This website collects and displays data and information from local and national sources about the City of Wolverhampton and its wards. The data has been arranged in themes such as Crime and Community Safety, Population, and Housing. There is also information about Local, General, and Mayoral elections covering Wolverhampton. The most recent "Joint Strategic Needs Assessment" of health priorities is under the JSNA tab, and there is a section for Open Data where internal Council datasets such as Business Rates are published.
The data on the system is as up-to-date as possible. Most data is updated yearly (such as school exam results for each academic year), but in a small number of cases, updates are more frequent (such as unemployment claimant count every month) or less frequent (such as the Indices of Deprivation every 3 years).
Please use the ”Contact us” link at the bottom of any page to tell us which datasets you are looking for.
WV Insight has a Document library which contains strategies, reports, and research briefings. These documents give context to data on the system.
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A key priority for the city is to develop diverse and welcoming neighbourhoods with good quality housing. This is because housing choice needs to keep pace with the rising aspirations of the city in order to retain younger people and also address homelessness. Click here to find out more about average house prices, housing tenure and new housing developments.

Children's Social Care

Children's Social Care

Children’s social care aims to work with parents, carers and young people and to offer advice and support. They also work in partnership with, and may refer to, other services and community groups.