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This section gives some detail about how to use some particular functions on this website. If the answer to your question isn’t here, you may wish to look in the FAQ section. If your question is not answered in either of these places, you may wish to contact us, using the link in the footer of this page.

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Click on the part you want to focus on, and move the mouse to the top right corner, to the first icon of a box and an arrow. Hover over that icon, and it will say "focus mode", and click there. This will expand the graphic to cover much of the screen.
Click on the part you want to focus on, and move the mouse to the top right corner, to the second icon of three dots in a row. Hover over that icon, and it will say "more options", and click there. This will expand to give you the option to "export data". This will ensure the presently-selected data can be downloaded, in either CSV or XLSX formats. Please note, if you have any filters applied, the data you download will have those filters on it too.
There is no built-in option to export an image. However, you can use Microsoft's 'Snipping Tool' to make an image out of any part of the page, and copy from the 'Snipping Tool' to a picture-editing program such as Paint, or into products such as Word or Excel. If you do use one of the maps from WV Insight, please attribute this website as your source.
The comparisons for Wolverhampton are taken from standard groups of comparing (or benchmarking) Wolverhampton against other places. The main ones are: 1) Black Country for Census data; 2) Home Office's 'Most Similiar Group' for Crime; 3) Department for Education's "Children's Services statistical neighbours benchmarking tool" for Children's Social Care and Education; 4) CIPFA Nearest Neighbours for Health, Economy, Adult Social Care
If a dashboard is loading, you should see an icon flash 5-6 times in the middle of the page, and then the site content will load with the first page of the dashboard. If you are experiencing problems, please use the “Contact us” link at the bottom of any page, and we will investigate further.
If you click the purple "select" button, you will see a list of all pages within the chosen dashboard.
You will see the dashboards with a cut-down display if you leave it on a vertical display. If you rotate your screen to a horizontal display, it will show the same display as you would find on the standard desktop site.
Every page has a link with the source on it, with a hyperlink to the original tables used. The direct link to the data will be underlined - these links are normally to the raw data tables for government agencies. For the Census data, it is a link to the NOMIS website, where you can create your own reports, and extract data for the groups and areas of your choice.
If you see this on the page, with an underlined 'See Details' link, this means the page has timed out. This can happen if you have been using the site and have left it untouched for 30 minutes or more. Refresh the page to force the dashboard to load again properly.
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A key priority for the city is to develop diverse and welcoming neighbourhoods with good quality housing. This is because housing choice needs to keep pace with the rising aspirations of the city in order to retain younger people and also address homelessness. Click here to find out more about average house prices, housing tenure and new housing developments.

Children's Social Care

Children's Social Care

Children’s social care aims to work with parents, carers and young people and to offer advice and support. They also work in partnership with, and may refer to, other services and community groups.